Chapter 1: The Invasion

August 21, 2016

Two days ago, I finally published the first chapter of Ecaria on Wattpad. Forgive me for not posting on here sooner. Hope you guys enjoy reading it! ^^

A young couple held each other close as they stood in a fully furnished corridor. A dark blue velvet carpet lay beneath their bare feet as shards of sunlight flooded into the room, casting a warm glow upon the marble walls.

The young man gazed into the woman’s dark brown eyes and inhaled a deep breath of air. “Risa.”

“Yes?” The woman asked.

“I love-”

“-Narisa!” Another familiar voice interjected.

“Who’s there?” the woman whispered.

The room dissolved into complete darkness and the young man disappeared. Another woman with long black hair suddenly took his place. Her blue eyes held a blank gaze as she stared at the brunette in front of her. White wings retracted out of the woman’s back and flapped once.

“Ismene?! What are you-?” Narisa gasped in shock.

“There is no time for questions! I have come to warn you,” the dark-haired woman replied.

“Warn me about what, O Daughter of Rae?”

“Something terrible is going to happen in the capital-!” Ismene began to explain; however, her panicked words were cut short when a sharp noise pierced Narisa’s ears.

The dream melted away when she opened her eyes.

Narisa found herself staring upward at the ceiling of the bedroom that the royal family of Ecaria had given her as payment for her service as a bodyguard. Lifting her head, she glanced around the room in confusion.

Why did Ismene appear in my dream? She thought to herself, letting out a yawn as she swung her legs over the edge of her bed. A moment later, Narisa heard her stomach rumble. She rose onto her feet and walked toward her bedroom door. With her hands wrapped around the doorknob, she halted in her steps.

I have a bad feeling… Hopefully, nothing comes to plague the city of Noldon, she thought as she left the room.


Creeping slowly forward, her hand outstretched, Narisa grabbed the doorknob and slowly turned it. A ray of sunlight hit her face, illuminating her tanned complexion, as she stepped inside the royal family’s personal dining room.

Gathered around a table made of red oak and covered with a white tablecloth were three individuals. At the head of the table was a man with light brown hair streaked white in some spots and a full beard. Resting in the chair on his left was a dark-skinned woman with dark brown curls tied in a loose bun, sipping tea from a white-and-blue cup. Across from her sat a young man with the same skin and hair color as the woman.

The young man looked up from his plate of eggs and bacon and noticed the Knight standing in front of the dining room door.

“Risa, is something wrong?” He asked. “You look upset.”

Narisa avoided his gaze. “It’s nothing, Prince Cespar.”

The young man named Cespar rose from his seat and strode toward her. “You’re lying. Tell me what’s bothering you, Risa.”

Beyond the castle, horrified screams began to fill the morning air surrounding the large structure. Horns blared and nearly drowned out the chaos taking place in the city of Noldon.

“What in the name of Rae is going on out there?” The older gentleman inquired with a frown etched into his face. He wrapped his fingers around the hilt of his rapier which lay resting in the belt strapped around his waist.

“King Rolan! Queen Matilda! Where are you?” A feminine voice shouted. Cespar and Narisa backed away from the door without exchanging another word to each other.

“We are-!” The man named King Rolan began to respond, but he was silenced by a hand lifted over his mouth.

“My dear Rolan, do you want the enemy to know of our location?” The woman named Queen Matilda chided.

He shook his head. “Of course not. Excuse my incompetence, Matilda.”

Allowing her hand to fall, Queen Matilda turned her attention toward her son and Narisa. “Risa, please escort Cespar to a safe location,” she ordered.

“As you wish, Your Majesty.” Narisa bowed her head. As quick as lightning, she grabbed the prince’s hand and threw open the door.

A woman dressed in a silver suit of armor knelt in front of the doorway, a blue velvet cape draped over her back. Blood stained her wavy, ginger hair and trickled down her left cheek from a cut. She held a bloodied longsword in her left hand.

“Commander Alea Viano! What happened to you?” Narisa asked.

“Don’t worry about me, Knight Narisa Windsong,” the ginger-haired woman replied. “There are more important issues to deal with at the moment.”

“What sort of issues, Commander?”

“There are intruders in the castle who are after the royal family.”

“My, my, look what we have here…” An unfamiliar voice chirped.

Narisa glanced up and found herself staring into the cold gray eyes of a mysterious woman. Thick locks of black hair fell in curls past the woman’s shoulders, blending into the front of her lacy black gown, as she leaned against a wall facing the dining room entrance.

Alea spun on the heel of her silver boots. Pursing her lips, she narrowed her light blue eyes and lifted her weapon in the direction of the woman. “In the name of Rae, the god of protection and knowledge, I demand that you remain where you are!”

“Hearing you humans praise Him so much is beginning to annoy me. Perhaps my children can teach you a lesson?” The mysterious woman said, clapping her hands together.

Several footsteps thundered in the hallway until a group of five individuals – three men and two women – stopped in front of Alea, Narisa, and Cespar.

Leading the group was a rather tall gentleman of a muscular build. Long black hair framed his chiseled and beardless face. His steel gray eyes seemed to have a boiling rage behind them as he stared down at the trio. Narisa noticed his thin lips curled downward in a frown.

Standing to his left was another woman with the same hair and eye color as him. She held her head up high as if she were a queen. Her delicate hands were placed on her curvy hips.

On her right stood a man who appeared to be in his early twenties. He had a soft, creamy complexion and slick blond hair. His small green eyes held a piercing glare. With his hands clasped behind him, he held his chin up and grinned.

To his left was a woman around the same age. Kinky black locks cascaded all the way down to her thin waist. The way she carried herself gave off a sensual aura.

Narisa released her grip on Cespar’s hand and then removed her broadswords from the sheaths hugging her waist.

“Destroy them!”

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