The communities shown here are ones that I am a member of and/or help run alongside my blog.

Blog Buddy Program

Get help & give help to fellow bloggers! The Blog Buddy Program is a committed blogging community for finding other blogging buddies.

Blog Passion Project

We are a blogging community focused on helping bloggers in every niche grow their blogs by community and promotion.


BloggersTribe was created in 2015 by Jordanne from Her main goal was to create a community for both bloggers and social media influencers, a place for people to connect, learn and share. BloggersTribe has primarily been based on twitter but is now branching out to different sections of social media to widen the resources for their audience.

Blogger Clan

Blogger Clan is all about supporting bloggers of all niches. It’s a place where bloggers can come together and grow. One platform across all social media, so we’re always easy to find!