Escaping Servitude

August 4, 2016

Like I mentioned in my previous post “Outlining A Novel“, I’ve started working on a new story and the title is Escaping Servitude. I doubt I can summarize the main plot in a few words, so here’s the current summary (that I’m itching to re-write):

For centuries, Vampires have ruled over mankind, forcing humans to serve them until the day they pass on. Few humans have managed to escape servitude without losing their lives and even fewer of them have learned to survive on their own.

Celestyn was kidnapped at a young age and raised to be a slave doll for Jairus, lord of all Vampires. Ever since then, she has grown to detest her Master until one day, she could no longer stand to be treated like a worthless pet.

Despite the risks that come with escaping his clutches, Celestyn isn’t going to let herself remain locked away behind the brick walls of a castle for the rest of her life.

This novel is probably the first one I’ve ever written that has a black woman as the main protagonist.

Here’s the current book cover:

Cover created by Camille Claire

At the moment, I’m still trying to figure out how to plan out all 20 chapters of this novel so that I can start writing the first draft before the 31st of August. Any ideas or suggestions?

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August 4, 2016

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