Excerpt from the Prologue of Ecaria

July 7, 2016

I finally started writing the prologue from my story, Ecaria! Here’s a excerpt of what I’ve written so far:

The hinges screeched as the door to Alan Hillbrooke’s study suddenly flew open. He jerked his gaze from the book he was reading and towards the door. The blond scholar froze when he saw a familiar woman standing in the doorway and nearly jumped out of his skin. “Medulah!”

The woman, now called Medulah, let out a satanic giggle as she walked inside, her dark locks flying behind her while forked heels clicked against the hardwood floor. She stopped in front of a bookcase facing Alan’s desk on the opposite wall and turned to glare at the scholar who sat, petrified, in his seat. With the wave of her right hand, Medulah forced him to rise and stand next to his desk. Then she strode forward and snatched at the book.

“My, isn’t this an interesting piece of literature we have here,” Medulah admitted, flipping through the worn pages of the book. “By chance, do you know of a secret entrance to the castle in Noldon, Alan?”

His blue eyes went wide. “Why do you think I would know of such a thing?” Alan asked.

Medulah dropped the book she held in her hands on the desk and it landed with a soft thud. She snatched up the collar of his night shirt. “Tell me what you know or your books will become nothing but a pile of ashes.”

“F-fine, I’ll tell you…” He replied, shaking under her gaze. Her grip on his collar loosened and Alan crumbled to his knees. She is quite strong…

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