Outlining A Novel

August 4, 2016

Lately, I haven’t been writing much because of procrastination and studying for a test that would decide whether or not I would be admitted into the college I applied to several months ago. However, I have started working on a new story and even wrote an entire novel outline in three hours with some help from my boyfriend.

Anyways, enough about my personal life. 😛 Today, I’d like to talk about outlines and the different types of outlines that fiction writers use in order to craft a whole novel at their own pace.

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First of all, I’m sure we all know that it’s okay to not follow the outline you wrote up for your novel all of the time. Sometimes we get new ideas and feel compelled to include them in the story before they’re forgotten in the endless abyss known as the human mind.

There are many ways of outlining a novel. Here are a few of ’em:

  1. Novel Outline: This is when you write out everything that will happen in your novel from the beginning to the end such as plot twists, character introductions, etc.
  2. Chapter by Chapter Outline: This is how I usually outline my novels. Basically, you outline by writing each chapter after the other.
  3. Summarizing: If you outline this way, you’re basically doing a shortened version of the first method mentioned above but you replace scenes and dialogue with summaries.
  4. Free Writing: If you’re a panster, then this is probably your go-to method of outlining your stories.
  5. Outlining Software: There are lots of programs out there on the Internet that are built for outlining a novel like Scrivener.

As much as outlining can be a pain in the butt, it’ll help you to write that first draft sooner than later and motivate you to write until your heart is content with the work that you’ve done within the last week or so.

If there is anything that I forgot to mention in this article, let me know by leaving a comment! Hope you guys have a great day/night! 🙂

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