Columbia Sportswear Magazine Advertisement

    March 15, 2019

    Columbia Magazine Ad

    I created this Columbia Sportswear magazine advertisement for a group project in my Visual Communications class at Beacon College during the second semester of my sophomore year. My professor for the class, Mr. Cupach, assigned the project and paired up students together. I wore my white Columbia winter coat in class on the day that he assigned it. As a result, my group chose to advertise Columbia’s winter jackets and coats.

    Pre-Production Process

    First, two of my classmates and I filled out a design brief that Mr. Cupach gave us a template for. Next, we turned the design brief in for his approval of our chosen product. After that, we also presented our ideas for the project in front of him and the rest of the class. Then all three of us drew three sketches of different layouts for our magazine advertisements on white printer paper in class. Finally, we picked the best layouts for our magazine advertisements together.

    Product Creation

    I created this magazine advertisement in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 based on one of the sketches I drew. Most importantly, I used maroon, sky blue, and white because these colors are apart of the company’s brand identity. I used the font called Open Sans for all the text. With the help of the Chrome extension, WhatFont, I learned that Columbia Sportswear used Open Sans directly on their official website. I came up with the text by using information from the design brief. The images came from two different posts on the company’s blog. I obtained the company logo from Google.

    I’m very proud of how this magazine advertisement turned out in the end. I received an A as a grade on my rubric for this assignment. Above all, I only own the product. I don’t own any of the assets that I used to create it. In conclusion, I’d feel honored if Columbia Sportswear actually saw this magazine advertisement.

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